Hailing from the great metropolis of Marine City, MI, I’m a recruiter (specializing in electronics) and writer (specializing in urban fantasy, humor, fiction, or whatever else I feel like doing).  I’ve just published my first novel, Gina Beale: Into the Fire, which is available at Amazon.

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One thought on “About

  1. just wanted to say thanks for your comment on my Ritalin comic. I’m getting a lot of comments like yours, and as a parent of an ADD child, your remarks are extra valuable. I agree with all of the points you made. the biggest struggle I’m facing in writing this book is uncovering a lot of unknowns about long-term medication use and whether it’s really of any value. as a user of Ritalin I know of it’s value first hand but it’s so hard to know if it made me who I was, helped me be the person I always was, or got in the way of who I could have been.

    I feel like I wound up okay, but it makes you wonder.

    Incidentally, I had anger issues as a kid as well, but I believe that had more to do with my father’s anger issues.

    I would love to stay in touch and possibly hear more about your experiences with your son.

    thanks again!

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