Gina Beale Unleashed

Miss me?  It’s been a while, but my blog will be up and running again in the weeks ahead.  So what have I been doing instead of writing posts for this?  I’ve been writing a book, and that book is now available on Kindle, with a print version to shortly follow.


I’d like to introduce you to Gina Beale.  Once upon a time, she was a Human Resources Representative at a Chicago medical tech firm.  That was before a run-in with an ill-tempered ifrit (think like a genie, but scary) revealed her to be descended from ancient gods.  That’s when Gina took on her new career with the Collegium, an organization of said ancient gods who keep mankind safe from old threats (monsters, rogue gods, etc.).  It sounds much more fulfilling to Gina than corporate work, but she finds out she doesn’t exactly fit in with her alpha-male colleagues or boss, Athena (Greek Goddess of Wisdom).  She’s going to have to get past that, though, as Marduk (Patron God of Ancient Babylon) has set out to make the world pay for forgetting him.


That’s okay, though.  Armed with her trusty table leg, Louie, Gina’s ready to beat the snot out of anything he can throw at her.


So, look out for new postings here and in the meantime, order yourself a copy of Gina Beale: Into the Fire HERE on Amazon.



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