Putting It Together

I’m now two weeks from my new live show, The Good Stuff.  I’ve checked out the venue, measured out the stage, the poster is done, and I’ve almost got all the production night roles filled. 

Did I mention the cast?  For months, they’ve been working on their lines, blocking, and timing.  The show’s dialogue-heavy nature has made this a real challenge, even for me.  The best part of the process has been seeing what they do with the parts I gave them.  Several of these were written for specific people back in the Flying Turtle days.  Watching them put their own spin on them has been a pleasure I wasn’t anticipating.

It’s a small show but it means a lot to me.  It was cool publishing a book of my work but it’s nothing like putting it in front of an audience.  As a book, it’s something I can put on the shelf and say “I made that”.  At the end of the day, though, the scripts are meant to be performed.  The book is just a blueprint for the real thing.

I’ve spent almost every Monday and Wednesday of this summer watching bank robbers armed with vegetables, a man torturing another with Rush music, and two guys arguing about a furry candle.  It’s been great, even in its rough form.  Make sure you take some time to see the finished project.

The show will be performed on August 26th and 27th at 8pm at the St. Clair Community Center.  The price is $5 at the door.  I promise it will be worth your time.


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