My Book

As of yesterday afternoon, my first book is available for sale.  I haven’t spoken about it much, as I wanted to have the finished product before I started talking it up.

So what is this book?  It’s called Hold On to the Good Stuff.  It’s a collection of my short comedy scripts.  If you were in or around The Flying Turtle show, you’ll recognize several of the scripts.  There is also a good mix of new material I’ve been writing for the last several years. 

Even the old stuff has been rewritten.  Some of my old sketches, like The Idiot, weren’t as good on paper as they were in performance.  That sketch, in particular, hinged a lot on the performance of Andy Konik in the original show.  The entire second half of the original script was a slapdash bit of writing to give Andy an excuse to bash his head, jump on my back, or do whatever physical gags played to his strength.  For the book, I spaced out the physical gags and made the material more consistent throughout.  Let’s face it, I’m also a better writer (I hope) than I was in 1996.  That meant tightening dialogue, having things actually make sense, etc.

I’m pretty happy with the book and am glad to finally have a product to show for my work.  It will be available on Amazon in the next several weeks, but is up on now.  You can buy the print version or download it.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

By the way, big thanks to Jeremy Brown for letting me use the material he did with me, giving the book an early once-over, and for writing the intro.  Please look for his first novel, Suckerpunch, in 2011.  You can also check out his website at


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