My New Working Life

It’s been a bit since my last post, mostly due to how crazy it’s gotten for me in the world of independent sales.  This year I formed my own LLC, Trudeau Sales and Consulting, to handle all the commission-only sales offers I was getting from companies.  I decided that I’d try my hand at being an independent and use it as another rung on the ladder to having my own production company.

Through this company, I rep two companies, The PRA Group and Verasoft.  The PRA Group is my former employer, so that’s where I have the deepest roots.  Verasoft makes a software package called KORVUE that I sell to salons, spas, and medical practices.  I’ve also written 30-60 second promotional shorts for Bake Me A Wish (thank you, Joe) and am talking to local production companies about doing some work for them.  Through all of this I’ve managed to pick my writing back up.

This was a great set up, but I wasn’t making much money at it.  I’m just now closing in on my first real sale for Verasoft and as you may have guessed, employers haven’t been burning to hire engineers right now.  Then last week, my long-standing client Whirlpool let me know that they need software engineers.  A LOT of software engineers.  As this is my chance to make up for a lot of lost ground, I’ve thrown myself into it.  Last Saturday I was still at my computer at 10pm looking through resumes.

This is why there hasn’t been much here lately.  I think I’ve fallen into a groove now.  I will not only be posting regularly again, but there are big changes coming to this blog shortly.  I’ll let you know as soon as it’s locked down.


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